FORINSIA Training Software

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Training Software

For Training Organisations or Company Training Departments

Reduce Training Costs

The use of online training software has the ability to decrease management time, speed up communication and avoid unnecessary processes. In addition to being an effective investment, you can still achieve a reduction in training costs.

Integration of E-learning and Websites

This platform contains the integration of E-learning and Websites, together with the training management software and the portal.

Simple | Accessible | Intuitive

It has a simple, intuitive, friendly and accessible interface, where all users can easily access the software anywhere. It is also compatible for mobile devices.

Management of several types of training

It is possible to manage several types of training, so this software is prepared to manage all types and modalities of training. The various types of training can be:

  • Internal training;
  • Financed;
  • Unfunded;
  • Companies;
  • Private;
  • Elearning;
  • Blearning.

Management of several types of training

The management of the various types of training are immediate graphical reports and documents, these can be:

  • Balance of activities;
  • Action reports;
  • DTP documents;
  • Single Report Mandatory training management.

Involve your trainees

So that you can involve your trainees, you have the possibility of online access to trainees, client companies and trainers, alerts, enrolments, records and consultation of all training activity, websites, elearning platforms and multimedia content for elearning.