Forlearn – Elearning Services and Platforms

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E-learning Moodle Services and Platforms

Multimedia Contents for E-Learning Courses

Effective Investment

It offers services and Moodle E-learning platforms that are an effective investment. Using E- learning decreases learning time, accelerates communication, avoids travel, reduces training costs and reaches more markets.

Complete Solution

In addition the complete solution, includes services such as installation and hosting, maintenance and support, training and consultancy, course design and SCORM learning objects.

Simple | Accessible | Intuitive

Its interface is simple, accessible and intuitive, allowing everyone to easily access the software from anywhere, including through mobile or tablet devices.

All varieties of E-learning

All varieties of E-learning are possible, from configurable, E-learning, Blearning, individual course or class with or without tutor.

Involve your trainees

FORLEARN involves all trainees through online access, alert enrolment, registration and consultation of all training activity, websites, E-learning platforms and multimedia content for E- learning.

Integrated System

The integrated system also includes platforms: e-learning platform, management software, videoconferencing system and integrated websites.